Can Rover Clients See My Address? Understanding the Privacy Policy

When using Rover as a platform to find a pet sitter or dog walker, one common concern that pet owners may have is whether their address will be visible to Rover clients. Rest assured, Rover takes privacy seriously and has measures in place to protect your personal information. In general, a sitter's address will only be displayed if the service is scheduled to take place at the sitter's home. This means that if you choose to offer services at your own residence, the client will have access to your address. However, if you prefer to offer your services at the client's home, your address will remain hidden.

Can They See Your Location on Rover?

Rover takes user privacy and security seriously, especially when it comes to location information. The good news is that no, Rover doesn’t actively track your location or allow anyone else to track it.

Rovers map feature, which allows dog walkers to share their route and location with the pet owner, isn’t a live tracking system. This means that no one, including Rover employees, pet owners, or third parties, can actively monitor your whereabouts through the map feature. The map is simply a tool to provide the pet owner with a visual representation of the dog walkers walk.

Once the map is added to the Rover Card and sent to the pet owner, only three parties have access to it: the dog walker, the pet owner, and Rover itself. This ensures that the information remains private and limited to those involved in the dog walking experience.

If privacy is a top concern for you, it’s always a good idea to review and understand a platforms privacy policy before using it. Rover provides transparent information about how they handle user data, and this can help you make an informed decision about using their services.

At Rover, ensuring privacy and security is a top priority. Whether you’re a sitter or a pet parent, you can feel confident knowing that your phone number won’t be publicly displayed on the platform. Rover utilizes relay numbers to maintain your privacy both before and after a service has been booked. With this system in place, your actual phone number remains private, giving you peace of mind while using the platform.

Is Your Phone Number Public on Rover?

Rover takes privacy and safety seriously, and as such, your phone number isn’t made public on the platform. Rover utilizes a system of relay numbers, ensuring that your actual phone number stays private both before and after a service has been booked. This feature adds an extra layer of security and peace of mind for both sitters and pet parents.

By using relay numbers, Rover creates a secure channel of communication between sitters and pet parents without exposing their personal contact information. This safeguards against any potential misuse or unwanted spam calls. Instead, both parties can communicate seamlessly while maintaining their privacy.

The relay number system works by assigning a temporary phone number to facilitate communication during the booking process. This way, your personal phone number remains confidential, even if you choose to contact the sitter or pet parent directly through the platform.

Rovers commitment to privacy extends beyond just phone numbers. The platform employs encryption technology to protect all sensitive information shared on the website, from personal data to payment details. With these comprehensive security measures in place, you can trust Rover to keep your information confidential and secure throughout your interactions on the platform.

It’s important to remember that while giving out your number on Rover isn’t against any stated policy, the decision ultimately lies with you. Many Rover sitters and dog walkers do provide their cell numbers to their clients, both on and off the platform. However, when it comes to important or official matters regarding a Rover booking, it’s advisable to utilize Rover’s systems for documentation. This includes changes to the booking or sharing important photos, as it ensures that the communication is properly recorded and accounted for.

Should I Give Out My Number on Rover?

When it comes to giving out your number on Rover, it ultimately depends on your own comfort level and personal preferences. Rover doesn’t have any specific policies against sharing contact information with clients, so the decision is entirely up to you. In my own experience, I’ve found it beneficial to have direct communication with clients through phone calls or texts. It allows for a more immediate and efficient line of communication, especially in cases of emergency or last-minute changes.

That being said, it’s important to note that while sharing your number isn’t against Rovers policy, it’s vital to maintain a professional approach when doing so. Make sure to set clear boundaries and establish that your primary form of communication regarding any official or important matters pertaining to the Rover booking will be through Rovers messaging system. This ensures that all documentation, including changes or even photos, are accounted for and can be easily referred back to if needed.

If you do decide to share your number with clients, it can be helpful to use an app or service that allows for anonymity, such as Google Voice or a similar platform. This way, you can maintain a level of privacy while still having direct contact with clients. Additionally, it may be wise to create a separate work-related phone number that’s solely used for Rover or any other pet-sitting services you provide. This can help establish a clear boundary between your personal and professional life.

Consider your own comfort level, establish clear boundaries, and utilize Rovers messaging system for any official or important communication. By doing so, you can ensure a professional approach while still maintaining efficient and direct contact with your clients.

Tips for Maintaining Professionalism When Sharing Your Number on Rover

When sharing your number on Rover, it’s important to maintain professionalism. Here are some tips to do so:

1. Respond promptly: When you receive a call or message on your shared number, try to respond as quickly as possible. This shows professionalism and a commitment to excellent customer service.

2. Use a professional voicemail message: Set up a professional voicemail message that includes your name and a brief, friendly greeting. Avoid using casual or inappropriate language.

3. Keep personal conversations separate: If you receive personal calls on your shared number, make sure to keep them separate from your Rover business. Avoid discussing personal matters or engaging in long personal conversations while using your shared number for Rover-related communication.

4. Maintain a professional tone: When speaking or texting with clients, maintain a professional tone. Use clear and concise language, and avoid slang or casual expressions. Remember, you’re representing yourself as a professional pet caregiver.

5. Respect client privacy: Be mindful of privacy and confidentiality when communicating with clients through your shared number. Don’t share their personal information or discuss their specific pet care needs with others unless explicitly permitted by the client.

By following these tips, you can maintain professionalism when sharing your number on Rover and build trust with your clients.


In conclusion, the privacy and security of Rover clients is a top priority. Rover ensures that a sitter's address is only shared with clients if the service is scheduled to take place at the sitter's home. This precautionary measure ensures the confidentiality of personal information and promotes a safe environment for both sitters and clients. The details regarding the sharing of information can be found in Rover's Privacy Policy, which provides further transparency and reassurance to all parties involved. Rover's commitment to protecting client privacy demonstrates their dedication to delivering a reliable and trustworthy pet care service.

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