Can You Block an Owner on Rover?

In the world of pet care services, a common concern that may arise is the need to block or restrict communication with certain individuals. One popular platform for connecting pet owners with caretakers is Rover, which offers a convenient and efficient way to find reliable and trusted professionals. However, there may be instances where an owner's behavior or actions warrant blocking them from further communication. To address this issue, Rover provides a straightforward process to report and block an owner. By opening the conversation with the individual in question and selecting the "Report" option, users gain access to a dropdown menu containing various reasons for reporting the conversation. Whether for safety concerns, inappropriate behavior, or other valid reasons, individuals can describe the specifics of the situation if they wish. If blocking the person becomes necessary, Rover allows users to simply click on the "Block" switch, instantly preventing any further communication. This feature ensures the well-being and peace of mind for both pet owners and caretakers, creating a safer and more secure environment within the platform.

Can You Block a Person on Rover?

If you find yourself in a situation on Rover where you need to take action against someone, rest assured that there’s a way to handle it. Blocking a person is a feature available on the platform, providing you with the ability to prevent further communication with someone who may be causing you discomfort or concern.

To initiate this process, you need to open the conversation with the person you wish to report or block. Once you’ve accessed the conversation, you’ll see an option to report it. By selecting the “Report this conversation” button, you’re taking an important step toward addressing the issue.

After you’ve chosen to report the conversation, you’ll be prompted to select a reason for doing so. This ensures that Rover gathers the necessary information about the situation. It’s essential to provide accurate and specific details to further aid Rovers investigation and appropriate actions.

Rover takes user safety seriously and has measures in place to address any issues that may arise. By utilizing the blocking feature, you’re demonstrating your commitment to maintaining a safe and positive experience.

How Long Does It Take for Rover to Review and Take Action on a Report?

  • Rover typically takes 24-48 hours
  • The process may take longer in rare cases
  • Rover’s team carefully reviews each report
  • They investigate and take appropriate action
  • Rest assured, Rover prioritizes safety and trust

While sitters on Rover have the option to review the booking and provide feedback on the dog and owners, these reviews aren’t visible to the public. Only Rover has access to these reviews, using them for reference in case of any issues that may arise during or after the booking. This system ensures that sitters can provide honest feedback while maintaining the privacy and confidentiality of both the pet owners and the sitters.

Can SItters Review Owners on Rover?

On Rover, sitters have the opportunity to submit reviews of the booking experience, which includes the ability to leave notes about the dog and the owners. These reviews are a valuable tool for sitters to provide feedback and share their thoughts on the overall experience. However, it’s important to note that these reviews are only visible to Rover and not accessible to the general public.

Sitters can express their thoughts and impressions of the owners, shedding light on their communication style, instructions, and overall experience. This information can assist other sitters in making informed decisions when considering bookings with specific owners.

This way, Rover can take appropriate action if necessary, ensuring the safety and well-being of the pets and sitters in their community.

It’s important to clarify that while sitters can review owners, the reverse isn’t possible. Owners don’t have the ability to review sitters directly on the platform. This ensures a balanced and fair review process where sitters can freely express their opinions without the concern of potential retaliation from owners.

How Does Rover Handle Issues or Concerns Raised by Sitters in Their Reviews of Owners?

Rover has a comprehensive system in place to address any issues or concerns raised by sitters in their reviews of owners. When a sitter leaves a review, Rover’s team thoroughly examines the feedback and takes it seriously. They assess the situation and will reach out to the owner to discuss the concerns raised. Rover guides the conversation between the sitter and owner to ensure effective communication and resolution. The platform also has dedicated support channels for sitters to report any behavioral or safety concerns directly. Overall, Rover is committed to maintaining a reliable and trustworthy platform for both sitters and owners, continuously improving their services based on user feedback.


To initiate the blocking feature, simply open the conversation with the owner and select the "Report" option. From there, choose a reason for reporting the conversation and provide any additional details if necessary. Finally, to block the owner and prevent further communication, click the "Block" switch to turn it green. By following these steps, you can effectively handle any problematic interactions and ensure a safe and enjoyable experience on the Rover platform.

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