Can You Sell Live Fish on OfferUp?

OfferUp, the popular online marketplace, has established strict guidelines when it comes to selling various items within it’s platform. While it provides a convenient space for individuals to buy and sell a wide range of products, it firmly prohibits the sale of live animals. This encompasses all living creatures, including beloved pets such as cats and dogs, as well as aquatic life like fish. OfferUp aims to prioritize the safety and welfare of both buyers and sellers, ensuring that transactions on their platform comply with ethical standards and local regulations. By implementing these restrictions, OfferUp maintains a responsible environment where users can confidently engage in fair and legitimate commerce.

Can You Sell Animals on OfferUp?

Birds. Fish. Reptiles. Any attempt to sell live animals on OfferUp will result in the immediate removal of the listing and possible suspension of the users account. OfferUp strictly enforces this policy to ensure the well-being and safety of both animals and users.

This policy is in place due to several reasons. Selling live animals online can lead to unethical breeding practices, as well as the potential mistreatment of animals. It’s crucial to prioritize the welfare of animals and prevent any form of exploitation or cruelty. Consequently, OfferUp maintains a strong stance against the sale of live animals on their platform.

Instead, OfferUp encourages users who’re looking to find or adopt a pet to visit local animal shelters, rescue organizations, or reputable breeders. These sources follow responsible breeding practices and prioritize the well-being of their animals. By adopting or purchasing animals from these sources, users can be assured that they’re supporting ethical practices and giving pets a chance at a safe and loving home.

OfferUp also encourages users to report any listings that violate their policy regarding the sale of live animals. By promptly reporting such listings, users can help ensure that the platform remains a safe and positive environment for everyone. This collaborative effort from the OfferUp community assists in upholding the companys commitment to animal welfare and responsible online selling.

When it comes to posting on OfferUp, the good news is that you can do it for free in most item categories. That means you’ve the freedom to list as many items as you want without any cost involved. However, it’s important to note that there are a few specific item categories where you’re given a limit on how many free listings you can use per month.

Is It Free to Post on OfferUp?

OfferUp is a popular online marketplace that allows users to buy and sell a wide range of items. One of the most appealing features of OfferUp is that it’s free to post listings on the platform. Users can post an unlimited number of listings for free in most item categories. This means that whether youre selling clothing, furniture, electronics, or any other type of item, you won’t have to pay a fee to post your listing.

However, it’s important to note that there are some item categories where OfferUp does impose restrictions. In these categories, you’re limited to a certain number of free listings per month. This is to prevent users from spamming the platform with a large number of listings in a short period of time.

If you exceed this limit, you may be required to pay a fee for each additional listing. It’s best to check OfferUps guidelines or contact their customer support for specific information on the limits and fees associated with different item categories.

Despite these limitations, the majority of items can be listed on OfferUp without any cost. This makes it a great platform for individuals who want to sell their unused items or find great deals on pre-owned goods.

These features, such as promoting your listing or highlighting it in search results, may come with a fee. However, they aren’t required and you can still have a successful selling experience on OfferUp without using them.


With a strong emphasis on maintaining a safe and reliable marketplace, OfferUp strictly prohibits the sale of live animals, including cats, dogs, and fish. This policy is in place to ensure the well-being and ethical treatment of animals, preventing any potential harm or illegal activities. By respecting these regulations, users can contribute to creating a trustworthy environment for all participants involved in the OfferUp community.

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