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Sandy Ellis, a highly accomplished business owner and CEO, is at the helm of FETCH! PET CARE, a prominent pet care company. With an impressive background in the industry, Ellis has demonstrated exceptional leadership and strategic vision, elevating the company to new heights. Recognized for her unwavering commitment to providing top-notch services and ensuring the well-being of furry companions, Ellis has built a reputation as a trusted authority in the pet care field. Her invaluable expertise and dedication to customer satisfaction have solidified FETCH! PET CARE's position as a market leader. As the driving force behind the company's success, Ellis continues to innovate and shape the pet care industry, making a positive impact on the lives of both pets and their owners.

Who Owns Fetchpet?

Since then, Fetch has grown into a leading provider of pet insurance in the U.S., offering comprehensive coverage for dogs and cats. The companys mission is to ensure that every pet owner can afford the best care for their furry friends, without having to worry about the financial burden.

Currently, Fetch is privately owned by Chris and Natasha Ashton, who continue to lead the company and drive it’s growth and success. Their passion for pets and dedication to their customers have been instrumental in shaping Fetch into the reputable and trusted brand it’s today.

This further demonstrates their commitment to promoting responsible pet ownership and ensuring that pets receive the care they deserve.

Fetchpet’s Pet Insurance Coverage: This Topic Would Delve Into the Details of the Pet Insurance Plans Offered by Fetchpet, Including What They Cover and Any Limitations or Exclusions.

Fetchpet offers comprehensive pet insurance coverage for your beloved furry friends. Our insurance plans are designed to provide financial protection for unexpected veterinary expenses. With Fetchpet’s pet insurance, you can have peace of mind knowing that you’re covered in case of accidents, illnesses, or emergencies. Our plans typically cover treatments, surgeries, medications, diagnostic tests, and hospital stays. However, it’s important to review the specific terms and conditions of each plan, as limitations and exclusions may apply. These may include pre-existing conditions, certain hereditary or congenital conditions, routine wellness care, and cosmetic procedures. By understanding the coverage and limitations, you can make an informed decision about the best plan for your pet’s needs.

He recognized the growing demand for quality pet care services and wanted to create a company that would meet those needs. With a passion for animals and entrepreneurship, Paul Mann founded Fetch Pet Care in 200His vision was to establish a more professional and reliable pet care service that would ensure pets receive consistent and loving care.

Who Is the Founder of Fetch Pet Care?

With this vision in mind, Paul set out to create Fetch Pet Care, a company dedicated to matching pet owners with trusted and experienced pet caregivers. Pauls passion for animals and his desire to create a reliable and high-quality pet care service led him to establish the company in California in 2002.

Paul understood the importance of ensuring pet owners had peace of mind when leaving their furry companions in the care of others. He recognized the need for a comprehensive and personalized approach to pet care, one that took into account each pets unique needs and personality traits. This approach wouldn’t only provide comfort to the pets, but also to the pet owners, knowing their beloved pets were in good hands.

Under Pauls guidance, Fetch Pet Care grew into a highly reputable and trusted pet care company. The commitment to providing exceptional care and customer service resulted in the expansion of the company across the United States. Today, Fetch Pet Care has become a household name, known for it’s professionalism and dedication to the well-being of pets.

Fetch pet insurance, a provider of accident and illness policies for dogs and cats, has partnered with XL Specialty Insurance Company or AXIS Insurance Company, an Illinois Corporation, to underwrite their policies. Pet owners can have peace of mind knowing that their furry companions can receive treatment from any veterinarian in the United States or Canada.

Who Is the Underwriter for Fetch Pet Insurance?

Fetch pet insurance is a renowned provider of accident and illness policies for beloved pets, particularly dogs and cats. This trusted company covers a wide range of veterinary expenses, ensuring that pets receive the highest level of care when they need it most. One may wonder, who’s the underwriter for Fetch pet insurance? The answer lies in it’s strong partnerships with XL Specialty Insurance Company and AXIS Insurance Company, both reputable entities in the insurance industry.

XL Specialty Insurance Company, known for it’s expertise in providing specialty insurance solutions, collaborates with Fetch pet insurance as an underwriter. Their strong financial position and commitment to customer satisfaction make them an ideal underwriter, ensuring that policyholders receive the support they require.

These underwriters bring stability, reliability, and expertise to the table, ensuring that Fetch can continue to provide excellent coverage and support to pet owners when they need it most. Whether it’s emergencies, accidents, or illnesses, Fetch ensures that pets receive the best possible treatment, giving owners peace of mind during stressful times.

Source: Fetch by the Dodo Pet Insurance Review – Investopedia

Fetch by The Dodo is a popular pet insurance company that offers coverage for veterinary bills in the US and Canada. It’s owned by a high-growth portfolio company called Warburg-Pincus and is recommended by The Dodo, the number one animal brand globally.

Is Fetch Owned by the Dodo?

Fetch by The Dodo is a pet insurance company that offers coverage for veterinary bills in the United States and Canada. As a high-growth company, Fetch by The Dodo is backed by Warburg-Pincus, a renowned investment firm. What sets Fetch apart from other pet insurance providers is it’s close affiliation with The Dodo, the number one animal brand globally.

The Dodo is an online platform that shares heartwarming and impactful stories about animals. Their mission is to create a world where every animal is treated with kindness and compassion.

These plans provide coverage for accidents, illnesses, and preventive care, ensuring that pets receive the best possible treatment. Pet owners can have peace of mind knowing that their furry friends are protected and that they won’t have to bear the full financial burden of expensive veterinary bills.

It offers comprehensive insurance plans to cover veterinary costs for pets in the United States and Canada.

The Benefits and Coverage Options Offered by Fetch Pet Insurance

  • Comprehensive coverage for accidents and illnesses
  • Emergency medical care, including surgery and hospitalization
  • Routine and preventive care, such as vaccinations and check-ups
  • Prescription medication and treatments
  • Cancer treatments and therapies
  • Alternative therapies, like acupuncture and chiropractic treatments
  • Behavioral therapy and consultations
  • Lost pet advertising and reward
  • Boarding fees if you’re hospitalized
  • Coverage for congenital and hereditary conditions
  • Third-party liability coverage
  • Flexible reimbursement options for veterinary bills
  • No annual or lifetime limits on coverage
  • 24/7 customer support and access to a network of veterinarians
  • Affordable monthly premiums tailored to your pet’s needs

Now let’s delve into the specifics of how Fetch pet insurance operates and what you can expect in terms of reimbursement and claim procedures.

Does Fetch Pet Insurance Pay the Vet Directly?

Fetch pet insurance doesn’t pay the vet directly for the services rendered. Instead, pet owners are required to pay the bill directly at the vet hospital. After receiving the veterinary services, pet owners can then submit a claim through the Fetch app or their online account.

The process is relatively simple, as pet owners can conveniently submit their claims without the need for any additional steps. However, it’s important to note that approval of the claim is necessary for reimbursement. If the claim is approved, pet owners can expect to be paid back up to 90% of the total bill, which helps in covering the financial burden of veterinary expenses.

How Long Does It Take for Fetch Pet Insurance to Process and Reimburse Claims?

Fetch pet insurance typically takes about 7-10 business days to process and reimburse claims.


Her leadership and expertise have propelled the company to success, establishing it as a trusted and reliable provider of pet care services. With a strong vision and dedication to exceptional customer service, Ellis continues to steer FETCH! PET CARE towards continued growth and expansion. Through her vast industry experience and genuine passion for animals, she’s cultivated a team of skilled professionals who share her commitment to ensuring the well-being and happiness of pets and their owners. Under Ellis's guidance, FETCH! PET CARE has become a leading brand in the pet care industry, exemplifying excellence in every aspect of their services.

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