Does FIGO Cover Behavioral Issues?

While their base plans cover a wide range of illnesses, accidents, and hereditary conditions, Figo also recognizes the significance of addressing behavioral issues that can significantly impact a pet's wellbeing. Understanding the importance of training and the potential need for medication in treating behavioral problems, Figo goes above and beyond by offering coverage for these aspects as well, albeit for an additional fee. With a maximum annual limit of $500, Figo enables pet owners to access the necessary resources to address behavioral concerns, promoting a healthier and happier life for both pets and their caring owners.

Does Figo Raise Premiums?

Figo Pet Insurance is renowned for it’s commitment to providing coverage for pets of all ages. Unlike some other insurance providers, Figo doesn’t impose upper-age limitations on their policies, ensuring that your beloved furry companion can receive coverage well into their golden years. This means that even if your pet is reaching an advanced age, Figo will still be there to support you and your four-legged friend.

In addition to their commitment to providing seamless coverage, Figo also goes the extra mile to ensure that their policyholders are well-informed. When your policy is up for renewal, Figo will send you an alert at least 30 days in advance. This gives you ample time to review your policy and make any necessary changes based on your evolving needs. This level of transparency allows you to have full control over your pets coverage and ensures that you’re always in the loop.

During the first 14 days of coverage with Figo, pet owners should be aware that illnesses won’t be eligible for reimbursement. However, this waiting period is standard in the pet insurance industry. Additionally, dogs with hip dysplasia or orthopedic conditions will have a longer waiting period of six months before they can receive coverage for related treatments such as knee injuries.

What Is the Waiting Period for Figo?

This waiting period is designed to ensure that pet owners can’t sign up for coverage and immediately seek treatment for pre-existing conditions. It allows Figo to ensure that they’re only covering new illnesses and injuries that occur after the policy is in effect.

During the waiting period, pet owners are still responsible for any vet bills incurred as a result of these conditions. However, once the waiting period is over, pet owners can rest easy knowing that they’ve coverage for these types of issues.

How Long Is the Waiting Period for Figo Pet Insurance?

  • The waiting period for Figo pet insurance depends on the type of coverage you choose:
  • Accident-only coverage has a waiting period of 5 days.
  • Accident and illness coverage has a waiting period of 14 days.
  • Once the waiting period is over, your pet will be covered for any accidents or illnesses that occur.
  • It’s important to note that pre-existing conditions aren’t covered by Figo pet insurance.
  • Make sure to read the policy details and terms before purchasing insurance for your pet.

Yes, Figo Pet Insurance does cover prescriptions along with a range of other essential veterinary expenses.

Does Figo Cover Prescriptions?

Yes, Figo Pet Insurance offers coverage for prescriptions as part of their comprehensive pet insurance plans. In addition to covering exam and consultation fees, hospitalization, and surgeries, Figo also provides coverage for a wide range of medical conditions and treatments. This includes coverage for hereditary conditions, congenital conditions, chronic conditions, and even cancer treatments.

When comparing insurance providers, it’s important to consider how long it takes for them to review and process claims. Two well-known companies, FIGO and Embrace, have similar average claim turnaround times. FIGO typically takes 9-12 days to review a claim, while Embrace takes 10-15 days. Both providers have a 14-day waiting period for illnesses and offer coverage for exams as an add-on.

How Long Does It Take FIGO to Review a Claim?

FIGO, a leading insurance company, takes pride in it’s efficient and timely claims processing system. The average claim turnaround time at FIGO is an impressive 9-12 days, showcasing their commitment to providing quick resolutions for their customers. This proves beneficial for policyholders who’re in need of financial support during unexpected situations.

Another crucial aspect to consider when comparing FIGO and Embrace is the illness waiting period. Both companies have a similar waiting period of 14 days, during which policyholders must wait before their insurance coverage for illnesses begins. This waiting period, though standard in the industry, allows insurers to mitigate risk and accurately assess policyholders health.

Additionally, FIGO offers an exam coverage add-on, which gives customers the option to include coverage for routine exams and preventive care. This add-on can prove extremely beneficial for pet owners as it ensures that their pets receive regular check-ups without having to worry about the costs. This additional coverage distinguishes FIGO from it’s competitors, including Embrace, and further highlights their commitment to providing comprehensive coverage options.

What Is the Process for Filing a Claim With FIGO?

Filing a claim with FIGO involves a simple and straightforward process. First, you need to contact FIGO’s customer support team either by phone or email to initiate the claim. They’ll provide you with the necessary claim forms and guide you on what information and documentation you need to submit. Once you’ve the forms, fill them out accurately and provide any supporting documents required, such as medical records or invoices. Make sure to review the instructions on the forms to ensure you provide all the necessary details. Once you’ve completed the claim forms and gathered all the required documentation, submit them to FIGO through the provided channels. The claims team will review your submission, and if everything is in order, they’ll process the claim and provide reimbursement or any applicable benefits as outlined in your policy. It’s important to keep copies of all the documents you submit for your records.

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If you decide to cancel your Figo pet insurance policy, you’ve the flexibility to do so. Simply send an email to [email protected] to initiate the cancellation process. Figo is there to cover a wide range of conditions that aren’t pre-existing for the entirety of your pet’s life, including hereditary and congenital disorders. By having pet insurance, you can have peace of mind knowing that your pet’s inherited illnesses can be treated without financial burden. To further assist you with your cancellation, you can also reach Figo at (844)738-3446, but please remember that a written cancellation request via email is required.

Can You Cancel Figo at Any Time?

Here at Figo, we understand that circumstances can change and that sometimes you may need to cancel your policy. Thats why we offer the flexibility to cancel your policy at any time. If you find yourself in a situation where you need to cancel, simply get in touch with us via email at [email protected].

One of the key benefits of Figo pet insurance is that we provide coverage for conditions that arent pre-existing for the entire life of your pet. This means that as long as the condition isn’t present prior to the start of your policy, we will be there to assist in covering the costs of treatment. Whether it’s a hereditary disorder or a congenital condition, our goal is to ensure that your pet receives the care they need.

If you decide to cancel your policy, please note that we do require the cancellation request to be made in writing, specifically via email. This helps us ensure that your request is accurately recorded and processed. We value our customers and are more than happy to discuss your cancellation further over the phone. Our dedicated team can be reached at (844)738-3446.

We believe in providing our customers with the utmost flexibility and ease when it comes to managing their pet insurance policies.

Steps to Cancel a Figo Pet Insurance Policy

Canceling a Figo pet insurance policy involves a few simple steps. First, contact the Figo customer service team through their designated phone number or email address to inform them about your decision to cancel. They’ll guide you through the process and may request specific details regarding your policy. Make sure to have your policy number and any other relevant information handy when reaching out to them. After providing the necessary information, they’ll take care of canceling your policy for you. It’s advised to confirm the cancellation in writing or through email for your records. Remember to keep a copy of the cancellation confirmation in case it’s needed for future reference.


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