How Do I Send a Testimonial Link to Rover?

Rover, the trusted pet care platform, offers users the ability to request testimonials from individuals they’ve interacted with on the app. This feature allows pet owners to showcase their positive experiences and the exceptional care their furry companions received while using the Rover service. To send a testimonial link via the Rover app, users can simply follow a few easy steps. By tapping on the "More" option located in the bottom right corner of the screen, users can then navigate to their profile. Once on their profile page, they can select the pencil icon in the upper right corner to edit their profile information. From here, users can tap on the "Request Testimonials" option and enter the email addresses of the individuals they’d like to send testimonial requests to. Upon hitting the "Save & Continue" button, users can rest assured that their testiomonial link will be sent out to the designated recipients, showcasing the exceptional pet care services offered by Rover.

Can You Delete a Testimonial on Rover?

If you’re a pet owner or a pet sitter who’s utilized the services provided by Rover, you may wonder if it’s possible to delete a testimonial on the platform. It’s indeed a common concern for individuals who value their reputation or have encountered an unsatisfactory experience.

To have a testimonial removed from your profile, you’ll need to get in touch with Rover Support. They’re the designated team responsible for handling user inquiries and requests. You can easily reach them by dialing their contact number at 888-453-788By speaking with a support representative, you can explain your situation and make your request for the testimonial in question to be deleted. They’ll guide you through the necessary steps and provide you with the assistance you require.

It’s important to keep in mind that only Rover Support has the authority to remove testimonials from the platform. Neither the reviewer nor you, as the profile owner, have the ability to delete them independently. This ensures a fair and unbiased system for all parties involved.

They strive to maintain a trustworthy and reliable environment for both pet owners and pet sitters. They’ll thoroughly investigate the matter and take appropriate action to safeguard the integrity of the reviews displayed on their platform.

How Long Does It Take for Rover Support to Remove a Testimonial?

The duration it takes for Rover Support to remove a testimonial can vary and depends on several factors. The specific time frame isn’t publicly disclosed by Rover Support.

When it comes to building trust and credibility as a Rover sitter, obtaining positive reviews from satisfied clients can make a world of difference. Although only Rover customers can officially write reviews and rate your service, you can still request testimonials from friends or acquaintances. In this article, we’ll guide you through the process of sending a review link on Rover and explain why testimonials are valuable, especially when you’re just starting out on the platform.

How Do I Send a Review Link on Rover?

To send a review link on Rover, the first step is to navigate to your Sitter Profile tab in the Dashboard. This is where you can manage all your information and interactions on the platform. Once youve accessed your profile, look for the option to request a testimonial from a friend or client.

It’s important to note that only Rover customers can write reviews, so youll want to reach out to someone who’s used your services. Testimonials can be a great way to boost your credibility and help potential clients get a sense of your skills and experience, especially if youre just starting out on Rover.

When requesting a testimonial, it’s always a good idea to personalize your message to the recipient. Let them know how much you value their feedback and how it would greatly benefit your profile. Be polite and professional in your approach, reassurring them that their time and effort in writing the testimonial is greatly appreciated.

After sending the request, be patient and give your friend or client some time to respond. Remember to follow up with a friendly reminder if needed, but avoid being too pushy. It’s important to respect their time and availability.

Once youve received a testimonial, you can use it to enhance your profile. Share it with potential clients or highlight it in your promotional materials.

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Receiving testimonials on Rover is a valuable tool for pet caregivers looking to enhance their profile and attract potential clients. These testimonials can come from various sources, such as friends, family, or previous pet care recipients, who can vouch for your expertise and dedication in taking care of animals. By utilizing testimonials, you can build trust and establish credibility, making it easier for new clients to choose you as their preferred pet caregiver.

What Is a Testimonial on Rover?

A testimonial on Rover is a powerful tool that allows pet sitters and dog walkers to highlight their exceptional skills and experiences with pets. It serves as a written endorsement from previous clients, friends, or family members who’ve experienced firsthand the loving care and professionalism provided by the sitter. Testimonials are valuable in showcasing the sitters reliability, dedication, and passion for animals, making their profile all the more appealing to potential clients.

To obtain testimonials, sitters can approach individuals theyve previously cared for or built a connection with through their pet sitting services. This can include friends, family, or even previous clients who were satisfied with their services. Requesting a testimonial involves reaching out to these individuals and kindly asking them to share their positive experiences with your pet care.

Potential clients want to see evidence of a sitters reliability, responsibility, and genuine love for animals.


Once the addresses are added, users can save their selections and proceed with ease. This user-friendly feature allows Rover users to gather feedback and testimonials from satisfied clients, strengthening their professional reputation and showcasing their service quality.

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