How Long Has JustFoodForDogs Been in Business?

JustFoodForDogs has revolutionized the pet food industry with it’s innovative approach to providing fresh, nutritious meals for dogs. Established by a team of passionate veterinarians and specialists, this groundbreaking company has been in the business since it’s inception in 2010. With the launch of the first-ever kitchen for dogs, this visionary company made a bold statement by preparing fresh food right in front of the customers, allowing pet owners to witness the meticulous preparation process.

How Many Employees Does JustFoodForDogs Have?

JustFoodForDogs, a pioneer in the fresh pet food industry, has established itself as a leading company providing nutritious and natural meals for our four-legged friends.

The companys revenue per employee ratio stands at an impressive $11,7This performance metric reflects the efficiency and effectiveness of the team in generating revenue for the company. It showcases the productivity and commitment of each employee towards driving the success of JustFoodForDogs.

With such a high revenue per employee ratio, it can be inferred that JustFoodForDogs values it’s workforce and invests in their development and well-being. The companys scale and growth are supported by a talented team that strives to uphold the brands reputation for delivering high-quality pet food products.

As JustFoodForDogs continues to expand it’s reach and make a positive impact on pets lives, the companys workforce will inevitably grow further.

JustFoodForDogs’ Plans for Future Growth and Expansion.

  • Increasing production capacity to meet growing customer demand
  • Expanding distribution channels to reach more pet owners
  • Introducing new product lines and flavors
  • Investing in research and development to improve existing recipes
  • Partnering with veterinarians and pet professionals to enhance customer education
  • Exploring international markets for potential expansion
  • Enhancing online presence and launching e-commerce platform
  • Opening additional retail locations
  • Continuing to prioritize high-quality ingredients and transparent sourcing

With this realization in mind, he decided to establish JustFoodForDogs, a company dedicated to providing healthy, fresh, and nutritionally balanced meals for dogs.

What Is the History of JustFoodForDogs?

He enlisted the help of Dr. Oscar Chavez, a veterinary nutritionist, to formulate balanced and nutritious meals for dogs using only human-grade ingredients. By working with veterinary professionals, JustFoodForDogs was able to create recipes that met the nutritional needs of dogs at different life stages and health conditions.

In 2011, JustFoodForDogs opened it’s first kitchen in Newport Beach, California, where they began cooking and selling their freshly made dog food. The company quickly gained a loyal customer base as pet owners noticed the positive impact the food had on their dogs health and well-being. JustFoodForDogs expanded it’s kitchen operations and opened additional retail locations, including a partnership with Petco in 2017.

They introduced a line of veterinary support diets, specifically formulated to help manage certain health conditions in dogs.

This partnership helped raise awareness about the importance of nutrition for dogs and provided pet owners with a convenient way to access JustFoodForDogs products.

The company is committed to transparency, sourcing high-quality ingredients, and providing pet owners with the tools they need to nourish their dogs with optimal nutrition.

How Has JustFoodForDogs Influenced the Pet Food Industry?

JustFoodForDogs has had a significant impact on the pet food industry by offering fresh, human-grade meals for pets. This innovative approach to pet nutrition has raised the bar for quality and transparency in the industry. JustFoodForDogs uses only high-quality ingredients and follows rigorous cooking processes to produce meals that are both nutritious and safe for pets. Their focus on real food and natural ingredients has prompted other companies to reassess their own product offerings and ingredients. Additionally, JustFoodForDogs has opened kitchens where pet owners can witness the cooking process, further emphasizing their commitment to transparency. As a result, other pet food companies have started to prioritize transparency in their manufacturing processes and ingredient sourcing. Overall, JustFoodForDogs has helped to drive positive change in the pet food industry by advocating for healthier, more natural options for our furry friends.


The company's mission to provide healthy, nutritionally balanced meals for pets led to the assembly of a team of veterinarians and specialists who worked tirelessly to develop the perfect recipes. This groundbreaking approach not only ensured transparency by making the food preparation process visible to all, but it also resulted in satisfied and healthier canine companions.

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