How to Begin a House Sitting Booking on Rover

Are you looking for a reliable and trustworthy house sitter for your furry friends but don't know where to start? Look no further than the Rover app, a popular platform connecting pet owners with pet sitters. Starting a house sitting booking on Rover is a quick and easy process that ensures your pets are in safe hands. Begin by visiting the sitter's profile page and selecting "Contact this sitter." From there, you can choose the desired service, whether it's boarding, house sitting, or day care. Pick the dates for the service and specify the start and end times if applicable. You can also select which pets you'd like to include in the booking. Once you’ve all the details sorted, simply tap "Send request," and you're on your way to finding the perfect house sitter for your beloved pets. With Rover, you can rest assured that your furry friends will receive the care and attention they deserve while you're away.

What Does Housesitting Mean on Rover?

Housesitting on Rover refers to the service provided by independent contractors who take care of a pet in the owners home for a specific period of time. While different sitters may have varying interpretations of what it entails, Rover has an established definition. According to their guidelines, housesitting involves caring for a pet in the owners residence for up to 24 hours per “nightly” charge.

Essentially, housesitters are responsible for tending to the pets needs, ensuring they receive proper care, comfort, and companionship in the comfort of their familiar surroundings. This includes feeding, providing fresh water, administering medication, and engaging in various exercises or walks as required by the owner. The sitter may also be tasked with maintaining a clean and tidy environment, such as cleaning up any accidents, litter boxes, or cages.

This arrangement can be particularly beneficial for pets who may experience anxiety or stress when placed in unfamiliar environments, such as kennels or boarding facilities. Moreover, owners can enjoy the added benefit of having their homes looked after during their absence, providing an extra layer of security and peace of mind.

Rover offers a platform that brings together pet owners and sitters, facilitating the process of finding the ideal housesitting match. Sitters on Rover can create profiles, outlining their experience, availability, and specific services offered, including housesitting. Pet owners can review these profiles and select a sitter that best aligns with their preferences and requirements, ensuring a mutually beneficial and satisfactory arrangement for both parties.

While the specific tasks and responsibilities may vary depending on the pets needs and the owners instructions, the primary purpose is to provide personalized care in a comfortable and familiar setting.

This limited availability may impact your chances of getting bookings, as many pet owners are looking for services throughout the week, including weekends. It’s important to have a flexible schedule and promote your services effectively to increase your chances of getting bookings on Rover.

How Hard Is It to Get Bookings on Rover?

This might limit your chances of getting bookings, as many pet owners need weekend or holiday care. To increase your chances of getting bookings on Rover, there are a few things you can do.

Firstly, make sure that your profile is complete and professional-looking. Include a detailed description of your experience and qualifications, as well as any special skills or services you offer. It’s also a good idea to upload clear and high-quality photos of yourself and your home, as this will help potential clients feel more comfortable and trust you with their pets.

Secondly, be proactive in promoting your services. Rover allows sitters to offer additional services, such as dog walking or grooming, so consider adding these to your profile to attract more clients. You can also reach out to friends, family, and neighbors to let them know about your pet sitting services, and ask them to help spread the word.

Another important aspect of getting bookings on Rover is building positive reviews. Encourage clients to leave reviews after their bookings, and respond to them in a timely and professional manner. Positive reviews and testimonials won’t only attract more clients but also boost your ranking in search results.

Lastly, be patient and persistent. It can take some time to build a client base on Rover, especially if youre just starting out. Dont get discouraged if you don’t get immediate bookings, and continue to improve and market your services.

Niche Services You Can Offer as a Rover Sitter, Such as Pet Photography or Basic Training Assistance

  • Pet photography
  • Basic training assistance
  • Pet grooming
  • Pet nutrition consulting
  • Pet massage therapy
  • Behavioral problem-solving
  • Dog walking and exercise services
  • Pet transportation

Once you’ve opened the Rover app and tapped on “Home,” you can easily initiate a Rover visit. Simply tap on “Start” when you’re ready to commence the service. Throughout the visit, you can document important events by tapping on the corresponding icons for pee, poo, food, and water breaks. When the visit is complete, tap on “Stop” to halt the timer.

How Do I Start a Rover Visit?

Starting a Rover visit is easy and convenient with the Rover app. To get started, simply open the app and tap on the “Home” button at the bottom of your screen. This will take you to the main screen where you can access all the necessary features to begin a service.

When youre ready to start a service, tap on the “Start” button. This will initiate the clock and let the owner know that you’ve officially begun the visit. It’s important to ensure that you’re ready and prepared for the service before hitting this button.

During the service, it’s crucial to keep track of any important events that occur. To do this, you can use the icons provided in the app. These icons represent various events such as pee, poo, food, and water breaks. Simply tap on the respective icon when necessary to log and document these events for the owners reference.

In addition to tracking events, you should also capture photos during the visit. This is an excellent way to update the owner and give them peace of mind about their pets well-being. To take a photo, tap on the camera icon within the app and follow the prompts to snap a picture. Make sure to take clear and relevant photos that accurately depict the visit.

Once you’ve completed the service, it’s time to wrap things up. Tap on the “Stop” button to stop the clock and officially end the visit. This will let the owner know that you’ve finished and that their pet is in good hands. Take a moment to review your visit and ensure that all necessary tasks have been completed before hitting this button.

By following these steps, you can easily initiate a service, track important events, capture photos, and provide a comprehensive report to the owner. With Rover, you can ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience for both you and the pet owner.

How to Set Up Your Profile on the Rover App

Setting up your profile on the Rover app is a simple process. First, download the app and create an account with your email or Facebook account. Provide your name, photo, and some basic information about yourself, like your location. Next, display your availability and preferences for dog walking, pet sitting, or boarding. Add details about your experience with pets, any certifications you have, and your pricing. Finally, write a friendly bio that highlights your love for animals and any special services you offer. Completing your profile helps pet owners find the right person to care for their furry friends.


From the sitter's profile page, you can easily contact the sitter by selecting the "Contact this sitter" option. Finally, all that's left to do is tap "Send request" and wait for confirmation.

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