How to Edit Adopted Pet Sims 4 PS4

Are you a passionate player of The Sims 4 on PS4 who’s welcomed a lovely adopted pet into their virtual household, but now finds themselves wanting to make some edits to better suit their unique vision for their furry companion? Look no further! With the help of TestingCheats, a powerful cheat tool in the game, you can now enhance your gameplay experience by diving into the world of pet customization. By enabling TestingCheats, you gain the ability to shift-click your pets, giving you access to a plethora of options to modify and personalize your beloved animal. Whether it's altering their personalities, from what appliances they fear to what objects they adore, or fully revamping their appearance in Create a Pet, including their gender and traits, the possibilities are endless. So, why wait?

How Do You Edit Other Sims on PS4?

To edit other Sims on PS4, you can easily access the Modify in CAS feature by hovering over them and simultaneously pressing the X button and the circle button on your joystick. This action will open up a range of options, giving you full control over the appearance and personality of the Sims you wish to edit.

Once you’ve selected Modify in CAS, a new menu will appear, giving you the ability to customize every aspect of the Sims appearance. You can change their hairstyle, facial features, body type, and even their clothing. This allows you to completely transform a Sims physical appearance to your liking.

In addition to editing their looks, you can also adjust the Sims personality traits. This allows you to modify their traits and aspirations, giving them different strengths, weaknesses, and ambitions.

With just a few simple button presses, you can transform their appearance, adjust their personality traits, and even modify their relationships, making each Sim a unique and special addition to your game.

Now that you’ve decided to add a furry friend to your Sims 4 household, the process of adopting a custom cat is fairly simple. By allowing one of your Sims to interact with the pet, you can initiate the adoption process by selecting the “Adopt (§200)” interaction. While each pet may cost you 200 simoleons, you’ve the option to adopt multiple cats if you wish. Once you’ve completed the adoption evaluation, you can wrap up the process by speaking to the adoption agent and engaging in the “End Adoption Evaluation” social interaction.

How Do You Adopt a Custom Cat in Sims 4?

Adopting a custom cat in The Sims 4 can be a heartwarming experience. When you’ve made up your mind about welcoming a feline companion into your Sims household, it’s time to take the necessary steps. First, allow one of your Sims to establish a connection with the cat by initiating interaction. This will enable you to access the required options.

Within the list of available interactions, you’ll find the pivotal “Adopt (§200)” choice. It’s important to note that adopting a custom cat comes at a cost of 200 simoleons. However, don’t let this detour you, as the joy of adding a beloved pet to your Sims life is immeasurable. Furthermore, you’ve the freedom to adopt as many cats as you desire.

Once you’ve successfully adopted your furball, it’s essential to ensure that the adoption evaluation is properly concluded. For this, you need to speak with the adoption agent in your Sims neighborhood. Engage in a conversation with them and select the “End Adoption Evaluation” social interaction. This will finalize the process and ensure all necessary paperwork is completed.

Your new pet can now explore it’s new surroundings, frolic indoors, and interact playfully with your Sim. The unique characteristics and traits of custom cats in the game make each adoption a truly distinct and enriching experience.

As your relationship with your new cat develops, you’ll have the opportunity to nurture and care for them in various ways. Feed them, keep their litter box tidy, and engage them in stimulating activities to ensure their happiness and well-being. By actively participating in their lives, you can form a deep bond that will bring endless moments of joy, comfort, and companionship to both your Sim and their newfound feline friend.

Once the adoption process is complete, it’s crucial to wrap up the evaluation by speaking to the adoption agent and choosing the “End Adoption Evaluation” interaction.

Tips for Choosing the Right Custom Cat for Your Sims Household

Choosing the right custom cat for your Sims household is an important decision. You can follow a few tips to make the selection process easier. Firstly, consider the personality traits you want in a cat. Think about whether you’d prefer an adventurous, independent, or affectionate feline companion. Secondly, take note of the cat’s appearance. Custom cats come in various colors, patterns, and breeds, so choose one that matches your taste. Finally, consider the traits and needs of your virtual Sims household, such as the number of pets and available space. By considering these factors, you can make a well-informed decision and find the perfect custom cat for your virtual family.

Source: Adopting a Pet – The Sims 4 Guide – IGN

Now, let’s explore how to access and utilize the cheats console in The Sims for editing your sim after creation. Keep in mind that the method may vary slightly depending on the gaming system you’re using, but the commands to edit your sim will remain consistent.

Can You Edit a Sim After Creation?

In The Sims, once you’ve created your sim, you may wonder if there’s any way to edit your sims appearance or traits after creation. The truth is that by default, the game doesn’t provide a direct option for editing a sim once it’s been created. However, there’s still a way to make changes to your sims features by enabling the cheats console.

The process of enabling the cheats console may vary depending on the system you’re playing on, but the commands you’ll use remain the same.

Once you’ve enabled the cheats console, you can access it by pressing a specific key or combination of keys. This will bring up a text box where you can enter various commands to modify your sim. It also allows you to alter your sims traits, skills, and relationships.

It’s worth mentioning that while the cheats console provides a way to edit your sim after creation, it’s always recommended to save a backup of your current save file before making any changes. This is to ensure that you can revert back to the original state if anything goes wrong or if the modifications don’t meet your expectations.

Pets in The Sims 4 have the unique option of being customized with a simple airbrushing tool, accessible through the palette icon in the Create a Pet section. This feature allows players to paint their furry companions with a level of detail and artistry similar to paint programs, offering endless possibilities for personalization.

Can You Customize Your Dog in Sims 4?

In The Sims 4, players have the wonderful opportunity to create and customize their pets just as they can with their human Sims. However, what sets pets apart is the additional option available in Create a Pet, which allows for a truly unique and personalized experience. With a click of a button, adorned with a palette icon, players can dive into the world of pet customization like never before.

This innovative feature grants players the ability to paint their pets with a simple yet versatile airbrushing tool, reminiscent of popular digital paint programs. It opens up a whole new world of possibilities, allowing for the creation of pets with stunning and intricate designs. Whether you want your furry friend to sport a vibrant splash of colors or showcase a more delicate pattern, the paint tool has got you covered.

The customization options are seemingly endless, as players can experiment with different brushes, sizes, and opacities to achieve the desired effect. The process itself is intuitive and easy to navigate, ensuring that players of all skill levels can enjoy the creative freedom provided. Whether your pet needs a playful polka dot pattern or a sophisticated floral design, the paint tool will help bring your imagination to life with ease.

With this incredible addition to Create a Pet, players can truly let their creativity run wild. So gather your inspiration, grab your virtual paintbrush, and embark on a journey of pet customization like never before. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination, so go ahead and create the furry companion of your dreams.

Showcase of Unique and Creative Pet Designs Made by Players

  • Dragon-inspired pet design with vibrant scales and wings.
  • Glow-in-the-dark cat design featuring intricate patterns.
  • Steampunk-inspired mechanical dog with gears and brass details.
  • Unicorn-themed turtle design with a colorful horn and shimmering shell.
  • Magical phoenix-inspired parrot with fiery feathers and a golden beak.
  • Mermaid-inspired fish design with a sparkling tail and seaweed-like fins.
  • Alien-like hamster with multiple eyes and tentacle-like fur.
  • Robotic snake design with neon lights and movable parts.
  • Fairy-inspired bunny with delicate wings and flower crown.
  • Samurai-themed iguana with intricate armor and a katana-shaped tail.

In The Sims 2, ensuring your furry companions look stylish and trendy is as simple as purchasing a dog collar from the local pet shop. Once you’ve the perfect collar, your sims can easily adorn their pets by using a mirror to alter their appearance. By clicking on the mirror, you can effortlessly customize your pet’s collar and enhance their overall style.

How Do You Put a Collar on a Pet in Sims 2?

In the immersive world of The Sims 2, caring for and customizing your virtual pet is both a delightful and essential activity. If youre wondering how to put a collar on your furry companion, fret not, as the game offers various options to achieve this. To obtain a dog collar, the player can visit one of the pet shops scattered throughout the Sim world. Within these shops, a wide selection of collars awaits, allowing owners to mix and match styles to suit their pets personality.

Fascinatingly, with a few simple clicks, the mirror acts almost as a portal into the virtual world, allowing the player to make modifications to their pets appearance effortlessly. As you hover your mouse over the collar, an animated sequence showcases the seamless transition as your pet proudly sports their new accessory. This versatility allows for endless possibilities, enabling owners to align their pets aesthetics with their desired style.

Let your imagination run wild as you experiment with different collar styles and combinations. By utilizing the transformative capabilities of the mirror, you can effortlessly modify your pets appearance, allowing them to embody the perfect blend of style, charm, and individuality in a game that prioritizes personalization.

How to Care for and Customize Your Virtual Pet in Sims 2

  • Feed your virtual pet regularly to keep it healthy and happy.
  • Clean up any messes or accidents your pet may have in the virtual house.
  • Play with your pet to keep it entertained and stimulated.
  • Give your pet plenty of attention and affection to build a strong bond.
  • Customize your pet’s appearance by changing it’s fur color, pattern, or accessories.
  • Decorate your virtual pet’s living space with furniture, toys, and decorations.
  • Teach your pet new tricks and commands for added fun and interaction.
  • Take your pet to different virtual locations or events to expand it’s experiences.
  • Keep an eye on your pet’s needs and make sure they’re met to prevent any negative consequences.
  • Explore virtual pet expansion packs and mods to enhance your gameplay and pet customization options.


By simply shift-clicking on pets, players can modify various aspects of their personalities, including their fears and loves towards specific objects. Moreover, the option to fully edit the animal in Create a Pet allows for more comprehensive changes, such as altering their gender or Pet Traits. These features enhance the immersive experience of adopting and caring for virtual pets, allowing players to truly create and mold their furry companions to their liking.

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