Is Dumor Owned by Purina?

Tractor Supply Company, a prominent American retail chain specializing in products for home improvement, agriculture, and pet care, offers a variety of brands to cater to the diverse needs of it’s customers. Among these brands are Producer's Pride and Dumor, which are both white-label brands manufactured by Purina. While these brands may not be as widely recognized as Purina itself, they provide customers with high-quality products for their livestock, equine, and pet care needs. With a long history of serving recreational farmers, ranchers, pet owners, and landowners, Tractor Supply Company has established itself as a trusted provider of essential supplies. Whether it's ensuring the healthy growth of crops, the well-being of livestock, or the happiness of beloved pets, these white-label brands, such as Dumor, ultimately contribute to the success and welfare of customers across the country.

Who Makes DuMOR Feed for Tractor Supply?

When it comes to animal feed, Tractor Supply offers a variety of brands to cater to the needs of their customers. One of these brands is DuMOR, which is known for it’s quality and affordability. Many people wonder who actually manufactures DuMOR feed for Tractor Supply, as it’s important to know the source of the products we provide to our beloved animals.

In the case of DuMOR, it’s interesting to note that it’s a white-label brand, meaning it’s produced by a third-party company and sold under Tractor Supplys own label. The manufacturer behind DuMOR is none other than Purina, a well-known and trusted name in the animal feed industry. Purina has a long history of producing high-quality feed for a variety of animals, and their products are widely recognized for their nutritional value and consistency.

Tractor Supply has partnered with Purina to ensure that their customers have access to reliable and effective feed options. By working with a reputable manufacturer like Purina, Tractor Supply can offer the DuMOR brand with confidence, knowing that it meets the necessary standards for quality and nutrition. This partnership allows both companies to leverage their expertise and resources to provide customers with the best possible products.

Producers Pride is another white-label brand sold by Tractor Supply, and interestingly, it’s also manufactured by Purina. Producers Pride offers a range of products tailored to different animals and is specifically designed to meet their nutritional needs.

This partnership ensures that customers can rely on the quality and nutritional value of the feed they purchase.

How Tractor Supply Ensures the Quality and Nutritional Value of DuMOR Feed.

Tractor Supply takes extensive measures to guarantee the quality and nutritional value of their DuMOR feed. They employ a team of highly trained experts who oversee every step of the production process, from sourcing premium ingredients to conducting rigorous quality control tests. Additionally, they collaborate with reputable suppliers who adhere to strict guidelines and regulations. By upholding these rigorous standards, Tractor Supply ensures that DuMOR feed meets the highest industry standards and provides optimal nutrition for animals.

Where are DuMOR feeds made? DuMor, Inc. began operations in 1984 with two employees, it’s founders, M. Richard Rudy and Donald E. Saner and 4,800 square feet of newly constructed manufacturing space in Mifflintown, PA. With a commitment to quality and innovation, the company has since expanded it’s production capabilities and customer base. Today, DuMor feeds are produced in state-of-the-art facilities that adhere to rigorous manufacturing processes and industry standards.

Where Are DuMOR Feeds Made?

DuMOR feeds, a well-known name in the animal feed industry, are proudly made in Mifflintown, Pennsylvania. This small town became the birthplace of DuMOR feeds in 1984 when M. Richard Rudy and Donald E. Saner, the founders of DuMor, Inc., established their operations. Back then, the company had a modest workforce of just two employees and a manufacturing space of 4,800 square feet. Little did they know that their endeavor would grow into a significant player in the animal feed market.

The founders decision to set up shop in Mifflintown was strategic. This close-knit community provided an ideal location for starting their feed manufacturing operations. Access to locally sourced ingredients and a supportive workforce were just a couple of advantages that Mifflintown offered. Additionally, the founders wanted to contribute to the local economy by bringing job opportunities to the area.

Over the years, the success of DuMOR feeds has allowed the company to expand it’s manufacturing space and employee base. It now boasts a state-of-the-art facility that spans far beyond it’s humble beginnings. With advanced machinery and equipment, DuMOR takes pride in applying modern technology to deliver high-quality animal feed.

Purina, a popular pet food brand, is known for it’s wide range of products and is a subsidiary of Nestlé, a Swiss corporation. However, what many people may not be aware of is that Purina is also licensed to Cargill, a company that sells and manufactures their products globally. With operations spanning three continents and 13 countries, Cargill plays a significant role in the distribution and production of Purina pet food.

Are Cargill and Purina the Same Company?

Purina and Cargill aren’t the same company. While Purina is an American subsidiary of Nestlé, specializing in pet food and related products, Cargill is a separate entity involved in the production, processing, and distribution of agricultural commodities, food ingredients, and animal feed.

Nestlé Purina PetCare, commonly known as Purina, is a well-established brand with a strong presence in the pet care industry. It offers a wide range of pet food and treats for cats and dogs, along with cat litter. Some of it’s popular brands include Purina Pro Plan, Purina Dog Chow, Friskies, Beneful, and Purina One. With it’s headquarters in St. Louis, Missouri, Purina operates in multiple countries across three continents.

On the other hand, Cargill is a multinational corporation based in the United States. Though it operates in the agriculture and food industry, it’s a broader focus that extends beyond pet care. Cargill is involved in the processing, trading, and distribution of agricultural products, including grains, oilseeds, and animal feed ingredients. Additionally, the company is engaged in the production of food ingredients, such as oils, sweeteners, starches, and proteins.

Source: Purina Mills – Wikipedia

When it comes to poultry feeding options, DuMOR offers a non-GMO choice with it’s SPBGC510 Livestock Supplies Non-GMO 18% Chick Starter Crumbles. This specially formulated feed is designed to provide the nutrition needed for healthy chicks. Available in a convenient 5 lb package, this product is available for purchase on with the added bonus of earning 5% cash back.

Is DuMOR Chicken Feed Non-Gmo?

DuMOR chicken feed is a renowned brand that offers an array of high-quality livestock supplies. One of their offerings is the DuMOR SPBGC510 Non-GMO 18% Chick Starter Crumbles, available in a convenient 5 lbs bag. This product has gained popularity among chicken owners and enthusiasts due to it’s exceptional nutritional composition.

The main query surrounding this product is whether it’s non-GMO. Well, the good news is that DuMOR SPBGC510 Chick Starter Crumbles are indeed non-GMO. This means that the ingredients used to make this feed haven’t been genetically modified, providing a natural and authentic dietary choice for your chickens.

What sets this DuMOR feed apart is it’s balanced formulation. With a protein content of 18%, it offers optimal nutrition for young chicks during the crucial early stages of their development. These crumbles are packed with essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals, ensuring that your chicks grow and thrive in a healthy and robust manner.

By purchasing their chicken feed from this platform, customers can earn 5% cash back, making it an economic and rewarding choice.

With it’s high-quality ingredients and the added benefit of cash back on, this feed is a top choice for those seeking the best for their chickens.


These brands are sold exclusively through Tractor Supply Company, a renowned retail chain that specializes in providing products for various agricultural needs.

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