Is Lumabone the Same as Benebone?

Lumabone and Benebone are two popular brands that fall under the same umbrella, offering a wide range of chewable products for dogs. While they may serve a similar purpose, there are subtle differences that pet owners should be aware of when choosing between these two options. Both brands prioritize the safety and satisfaction of dogs, using durable materials and unique designs to encourage healthy chewing habits.

Are Benebone and Lumabone the Same Company?

Benebone and Lumabone are indeed two separate brands, but they do share the same parent company. While they may appear similar in name and product design, there are differences worth noting. Both brands offer dog chew toys that are designed to provide hours of entertainment for your furry friends, but they each bring their own unique qualities to the table.

Benebone focuses on creating durable and long-lasting chew toys for dogs. Their products are typically made from nylon and infused with real flavor, such as bacon or peanut butter, to entice dogs to chew on them. These chew toys are crafted to withstand aggressive chewing and are designed with ridges and knobs to massage the dogs gums and teeth.

On the other hand, Lumabone takes a different approach to dog chew toys. They use a special material called LumaSoft, which is a dog-safe, non-toxic material designed to be soft and gentle on a dogs teeth and gums. Lumabone toys aren’t as durable as Benebones, making them more suitable for moderate chewers.

Comparison of Benebone and Lumabone Chew Toy Durability

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As dog owners increasingly seek sustainable options for their furry friends, companies like Benebone and Lumabone have stepped up to offer eco-friendly solutions. While Benebone is well-known for it’s durable nylon dog chews, Lumabone, it’s sister brand, has also joined the movement by creating recyclable products. With the introduction of the Benebone Free Recycling Program, consumers can now conveniently send in their well-chewed Benebone dog chews to be recycled by TerraCycle. And the good news doesn’t stop there – Lumabone nylon dog chews are also eligible for recycling through this same program.

Are Lumabone and Benebone the Same Company?

Lumabone and Benebone may share many similarities, such as being nylon dog chew brands and offering a free recycling program through TerraCycle. However, it’s important to note that Lumabone and Benebone aren’t the same company, but rather sister brands within the same company.

The Benebone Free Recycling Program allows consumers to send in their well-chewed Benebone brand nylon dog chews to be recycled by TerraCycle. This program is a great initiative that promotes sustainability and responsible pet ownership. By participating in the program, pet owners can reduce their carbon footprint and contribute to a more eco-friendly future.

Similarly, Lumabone is also recyclable through the Benebone Free Recycling Program. By recycling Lumabone products through this program, pet owners can ensure that their dogs favorite chew toys are repurposed and made into new products instead of ending up in landfills.


In conclusion, while both Benebone and LumaBone are brands belonging to the same larger entity, they do have distinct differences worth noting. It’s essential to consider factors such as product design, material composition, and overall customer feedback when making a choice between the two. Ultimately, informed decision-making requires a thorough understanding of each brand's unique qualities and aligning them with the preferences and needs of your pet. By conducting comprehensive research and analyzing individual specifications, pet owners can make an educated decision to provide their furry companions with the best chewing experience possible.

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