Science Diet Is Garbage: Debunking the Myths About Pet Food

The subject of pet nutrition is an important and often controversial topic, with numerous brands claiming to provide the ultimate diet for our furry friends. However, when it comes to Science Diet, many experts and concerned pet owners alike have serious concerns about the quality and suitability of this particular brand. Despite it’s reputation and widespread availability, a growing body of evidence suggests that Science Diet falls short in several key areas, making it a less than ideal choice for those seeking optimal nutrition for their beloved pets. From questionable ingredients to potential health risks, the science behind this diet is increasingly seen as subpar, leaving many to question if Science Diet is really the garbage it seems to be.

Why Do Vets Always Recommend Science Diet?

Veterinarians often recommend Science Diet for a number of reasons, well beyond the notion of it being a low-quality food. Firstly, it’s important to understand that pet nutrition is a complex field, and veterinary professionals rely on years of education and experience to make recommendations. Science Diet has invested heavily in research and development, conducting extensive studies to ensure their products meet specific nutritional requirements for pets at different life stages and with different health conditions.

Furthermore, Science Diet undergoes rigorous quality control measures to ensure product safety and compliance with industry standards. Vets appreciate these measures, as they can confidently recommend a brand that consistently delivers reliable products.

And while price is often a concern for pet owners, it’s important to remember that the cost of pet food is influenced by factors like research and development, quality control, and the use of high-quality ingredients. Science Diets pricing reflects the value invested in ensuring the health and well-being of pets.

While there are various pet food options available, it’s always advisable to consult with a veterinarian to determine the most suitable diet for ones pets specific needs.

Hill’s Science Diet Adult Dog Food is a grain-inclusive dry dog food that utilizes named meat meals as it’s primary source of animal protein. With a rating of 3.5 stars, it offers a moderate level of nutritional value. Now, let’s delve into the specifics of it’s ingredients, nutritional analysis, and overall quality to determine if it’s worth investing in for your furry companion.

Is Hill’s Science Diet Worth It?

Hills Science Diet is a popular brand among pet owners, known for it’s quality and effectiveness in providing balanced nutrition for adult dogs. But is it worth the hype?

When evaluating the quality of a dog food brand, several factors come into play. One important aspect is the source of animal protein. Hills Science Diet Adult uses a moderate amount of named meat meals as it’s dominant source of protein, which is a positive sign. This indicates that the protein content in the food is derived from real meat rather than low-quality by-products.

Another factor to consider is the inclusion of grains. Hills Science Diet Adult is grain-inclusive, meaning it contains ingredients like corn or wheat. While some dogs may benefit from a grain-free diet due to allergies or sensitivities, majority of dogs can handle grains perfectly fine. In fact, grains can provide important nutrients and fiber to support overall health.

While it may not be the absolute best option on the market, it offers a solid nutritional profile and has a strong reputation in the industry. Ultimately, the decision of whether it’s worth it will depend on the individual needs and preferences of each pet owner.

Comparison of Hills Science Diet With Other Popular Dog Food Brands

Hills Science Diet is a well-known brand in the dog food industry. It offers a wide range of premium quality dog food options that are often compared to other popular brands. Consumers often assess factors such as ingredients, nutritional value, and brand reputation when comparing dog food brands. Each brand has it’s own unique features, and it’s important for pet owners to research and select a brand that best suits their dog’s specific dietary needs. By examining various options, dog owners can make informed decisions about the best food for their furry companions.

Source: What’s so bad about Science Diet?

In 2019, there was a recall of certain Science Diet dog food products in the United States. The affected products included the Adult Chicken & Beef Entrée, Adult Light with Liver, and Adult 7+ Chicken & Barley Entrée, among others. A full list of the recalled products can be found in the table below.

What Science Diet Dog Food Is on Recall?

In 2019, there was a recall of several products of Science Diet dog food. One of the affected products was the Hills Science Diet Adult Chicken & Beef Entrée Dog Food in a 13oz size, which had a SKU number of 7040. Another product included in the recall was the Hills Science Diet Adult Light with Liver Dog Food, also in a 13oz size, with a SKU number of 7048.

These were just a few examples of the products affected by the recall. The recall occurred in order to address concerns about the potential presence of elevated levels of vitamin D in the dog food. High levels of vitamin D can lead to serious health issues in pets, including vomiting, diarrhea, weight loss, and even potential kidney failure. Therefore, it was crucial to remove the affected products from the market to ensure the safety of pets.

Consumers who’d purchased any of the recalled Science Diet dog food products were advised to stop feeding it to their pets and contact Hills Pet Nutrition for further assistance. The company offered full refunds for the affected products and provided guidance on how to determine if their pet had been affected by the excessive vitamin D levels.

It’s important as a pet owner to stay informed about any recalls or safety concerns related to the food you feed your furry friends. Checking for updates from the manufacturer and staying in touch with your veterinarian can help ensure the well-being of your pets. By being proactive and taking appropriate actions when necessary, we can ensure that our beloved pets stay healthy and happy.


It’s use of questionable ingredients, lack of transparency, and reliance on fillers raises concerns about it’s overall nutritional value. While marketed as a scientifically-backed option, independent research and customer experiences highlight numerous health issues and dissatisfaction associated with this brand. Pet owners should be cautious and seek alternative, high-quality diets that prioritize the well-being and specific nutritional needs of their furry friends.

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