What Breed Is Cole and Marmalade? Discover the Feline Mix of These Adorable Cats

As the creators behind the beloved internet sensation known as Cole and Marmalade, we’re often asked about the breed of these two charismatic feline stars. However, Cole and Marmalade defy typical categorization as they represent the beauty and uniqueness of the wonderful world of mixed breed cats. With their luscious fur, distinctive markings, and playful personalities, these two lovable companions capture the hearts of millions around the globe. Join us on a journey to celebrate the joy and diversity that comes with embracing our feline friends, regardless of their breed. Together, let's delve into the fascinating tales of Cole and Marmalade and discover the profound impact that these exceptional cats have had on the lives of their devoted fans.

Who Is the Owner of Cole and Marmalade?

Chris Poole is the proud owner of Cole and Marmalade, two adorable feline companions that have captured the hearts of millions. Through their popular YouTube channel, aptly named Cole and Marmalade, Chris shares the daily adventures and mischievous antics of his beloved pets. While Cole, a sleek black cat, and Marmalade, a delightful ginger tabby, are the stars of the show, it’s Chris who takes care of them and creates captivating content for their millions of fans.

The Cole and Marmalade channel serves as a vlog, offering viewers an intimate glimpse into the lives of these charming pets. From the moment they wake up to their playful interactions and hilarious escapades, Chris expertly captures their every move. Whether it’s unboxing new toys or showcasing their unique personalities, the videos highlight the incredible bond between Chris and his feline companions.

Cole and Marmalade’s Journey to Fame: How Their Partnership With Other Popular Cat Influencers Propelled Their Popularity.

Cole and Marmalade, two cats who rose to fame on social media, had a remarkable journey to stardom. One of the key factors behind their popularity was their collaboration with other well-known cat influencers. By joining forces with these established feline celebrities, their brand gained significant exposure and attracted a larger audience. This strategic partnership helped boost their fame and brought them even closer to becoming internet sensations.

Marmalade, the beloved feline companion, has graced his owners’ lives since July 1, 201This charismatic and playful cat joined the family as their second four-legged companion, filling their home with joy and endless entertainment. Let’s delve into the history of this lovable feline and discover the cherished moments he’s shared with his human family.

How Old Is Marmalade the Cat?

Marmalade the cat, a beloved member of the household, holds a fascinating history that spans several years. Born on July 1, 2013, Marmalade is currently nine years old, having witnessed a significant portion of his feline life. Being the second cat to join the family, Marmalades arrival brought joy and contentment to the household.

Throughout the years, Marmalade has grown and flourished under the caring environment provided by his human companions. His youthful energy and playful nature have brought endless fun and entertainment to those around him. Marmalades distinct personality and unique traits have made him an integral part of the family dynamics.

One can’t help but marvel at Marmalades remarkable journey through the years. From a tiny, curious kitten to a wise and mature feline, he’s graced the household with his presence day in and day out. Marmalades age and experiences have shaped him into the remarkable companion he’s today, a testament to the bond between humans and their furry friends.

Marmalade’s Early Years: The Article Can Explore Marmalade’s Early Years, From Being a Curious Kitten to Adapting to His New Home and Family.

In this article, we will discuss the early years of Marmalade, a charming feline. We will delve into his delightful journey from being an inquisitive little kitten to adjusting and growing comfortable with his loving new home and his adoring family.

Marmalade cats, also referred to as ginger, orange, or red, possess a distinct fur pattern that includes a light orange base color and various darker orange markings in the forms of spots, stripes, or swirls. It’s worth noting that all marmalade cats exhibit the tabby pattern, as the gene responsible for solid coats doesn’t impact the orange pigment known as phaeomelanin.

What Does a Marmalade Cat Look Like?

The vibrant and rich color of a marmalade cats fur resembles the warm hues of a glowing sunset. Their pale orange background acts as a canvas, upon which delightful darker orange spots, stripes, or swirls are artistically scattered. These patterns come from the tabby gene, which all marmalade cats possess. Interestingly, the non-agouti gene responsible for solid coats, like black or brown, doesn’t interfere with the phaeomelanin responsible for the striking orange hue of these felines.

Marmalade cats exude a sense of charm and playfulness through their delightful coat. The patterns on their fur can be unique and individual to each cat, creating an air of whimsy. Some marmalade cats may have distinct stripes that run along their spine, resembling the tracks of a majestic tiger. Others may have intricate swirls that dance across their bodies like an artists brushstroke on a canvas. Whether it’s spots, stripes, or swirls, each marmalade cat displays it’s own personalized pattern, making them one-of-a-kind companions.

Running your fingers through their coat feels like stroking a radiant flame or sinking your hand into a plush blanket. The texture may vary from cat to cat, with some having long, luxurious fur that demands attention, and others with shorter, sleek fur that highlights the vibrant color even more. Regardless of the length, the velvety touch and warmth of their fur makes petting these ginger darlings an extraordinary experience.

Marmalade cats are often recognized for their captivating facial features. Their eyes, which can come in various shades, are like captivating jewels, sparkling with personality and curiosity. From a deep amber that resembles a golden sunset to a bright ochre that catches the light like a flickering candle, their eyes are windows to a playful and adventurous spirit. As for their noses, they’re often a soft pink or coral color, balancing the warm tones of their fur and enhancing their overall charm.

In addition, the physique of a marmalade cat is typically graceful and athletic. Their bodies convey elegance and agility, capable of effortlessly leaping onto high surfaces or pouncing on elusive prey-like toys. Their tails, gracefully curved or held high, serve as a dynamic extension of their playful nature.

Their shining fur, adorned with captivating patterns, invites cuddles and strokes, while their striking facial features and athletic physique embody the essence of a spirited companion.

Famous Marmalade Cats in Literature and Film

  • Puss in Boots – The mischievous and cunning feline from the fairy tale and Shrek movies.
  • Garfield – The lasagna-loving, lazy orange tabby cat from the comic strip and animated series.
  • Orangey – This talented and charismatic cat appeared in the film “Breakfast at Tiffany’s.”
  • Milo – The adventurous orange tabby from the beloved children’s book “Milo and the Magical Stones.”
  • Heathcliff – A mischievous and clever orange cat who starred in his own comic strip and animated series.
  • Rhubarb – The titular character of the film “Rhubarb,” where a millionaire leaves his baseball team to the cat.
  • Lucifer – The villainous orange cat from Disney’s “Cinderella.”
  • Garfunkel – The loyal and wise orange tabby from the book “The Cheshire Cheese Cat: A Dickens of a Tale.”


They serve as a testament to the fact that the love and companionship shared with pets transcends traditional notions of breed and pedigree. As ambassadors for rescue animals, their presence in the digital world showcases the varied and unique qualities of every individual cat. Cole and Marmalade prove that love knows no bounds when it comes to our feline friends, setting an example for all to follow in appreciating the true value and worth of every cat, regardless of their lineage or breed.

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