What Happened to PetSmart PetPerks?

PetSmart, the leading pet retailer in the United States, has made some exciting changes to it’s beloved rewards program, PetPerks. This revamped rewards system was officially launched on August 30th, and it’s available both in-store and online, ensuring that every pet owner can take advantage of it’s fantastic benefits. This innovative update is set to enhance the overall shopping experience for pet owners, making it easier and more rewarding than ever before to care for their beloved furry companions.

Can You Get Cash Back at PetSmart?

PetSmart is a beloved destination for pet owners seeking a wide range of supplies, services, and exclusive pet products. While their primary focus is on all things pet-related, many customers may be wondering if they can also get cash back at PetSmart. The answer is a resounding yes! With the right strategy, savvy shoppers can get up to 8% of their purchase back when they shop at PetSmart.

It’s important to note that this cash-back service isnt just a one-time deal. On the contrary, the average member earns over $450 in cash back each year, which demonstrates the long-term potential for savings. For those who frequently shop at PetSmart, these cash-back rewards can quickly add up, resulting in substantial savings over time.

From food and treats to grooming supplies and accessories, every pet owners needs can be met while also reaping the benefits of cash back. It’s a fantastic incentive that keeps pet owners coming back for more.

How to Sign Up for the Cash-Back Program at PetSmart

To sign up for the cash-back program at PetSmart, you can follow a simple process that ensures you receive benefits and discounts on your purchases. First, visit the PetSmart website or download their mobile app. Look for the “Rewards” or “Membership” section and select “Sign Up.” Provide your personal information, such as name, email, phone number, and address. Once you’ve completed the registration, you’ll receive a membership card or a digital version that you can present during checkout to earn cash-back rewards on eligible purchases. Remember to read and understand the program’s terms and conditions to maximize your benefits.

PetSmart treats points have an expiration date, and it’s important for pet owners to be aware of when their rewards will expire. Generally, customers have 13 months to redeem their rewards after they’ve been issued. To check the expiration date of your points, simply log in to your PetSmart account. Additionally, PetSmart sends courtesy emails to remind customers when their points are nearing expiration, ensuring they don’t miss out on the benefits of their loyalty program.

How Long Do PetSmart Treat Points Last?

PetSmart is a popular destination for pet owners, offering a wide range of products and services to cater to their furry friends needs. One of the perks of being a PetSmart customer is their treat points system, which allows you to accumulate points with every purchase and redeem them for rewards. However, it’s important to note that these treat points do have an expiration date.

This gives you a helpful reminder and allows you to plan your next pet-related purchase or redemption accordingly.

How to Earn Treat Points at PetSmart

One way to earn treat points at PetSmart is by signing up for their rewards program. By joining, you can earn points on every purchase you make at the store. These points can then be redeemed for treats and other goodies for your pet. It’s a great way to earn rewards while shopping for your furry friend.


With the discontinuation of PetPerks, PetSmart aims to streamline and enhance it’s loyalty program to better serve it’s devoted customers. The launch of PetSmart Treats on August 30 demonstrates the retailer's commitment to providing a seamless and more rewarding experience for pet owners both in-store and online. Through the convenience of their mobile app or a visit to their local PetSmart store, customers can now take advantage of an even broader range of benefits and rewards. PetSmart's decision to revamp their loyalty program reflects the ever-evolving retail landscape and their dedication to staying at the forefront of customer satisfaction and innovation in the pet industry.

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