What Is AKC Gold Package?

The AKC Gold Package is a comprehensive offering by the American Kennel Club that surpasses ordinary registration practices and provides dog owners with a plethora of benefits. This exclusive package includes an official AKC Registration certificate, granting your beloved pet the recognition it deserves within the esteemed realm of canine heritage. Moreover, the Gold Package also presents a three-generation AKC Certified Pedigree, meticulously tracing back your dog's ancestry through three generations. This invaluable information allows you to better understand your furry companion's lineage and genetic background. Additionally, this all-encompassing package equips you with essential tools for your dog's care and training journey – the AKC Dog Care and Training DVD, a valuable resource designed to assist you in nurturing a happy and well-behaved pet. Lastly, the Gold Package goes beyond the traditional with the inclusion of a subscription to the esteemed AKC Family Dog magazine, ensuring that you stay up-to-date on the latest trends, tips, and expert advice in the world of responsible dog ownership.

What Does AKC Paperwork Mean?

AKC paperwork refers to the documentation and registration process offered by the American Kennel Club (AKC) for dog owners. This paperwork is a testament to the dogs pedigree and recognized breed.

It’s important to note that AKC paperwork alone doesn’t guarantee the health or temperament of a dog. Responsible breeders, in addition to providing AKC paperwork, will also conduct health screenings and ensure that their dogs have a sound temperament.

The Purpose and Benefits of AKC Registration

AKC registration, offered by the American Kennel Club, serves as a method of documenting a dog’s ancestry and breed characteristics. The main purpose is to maintain breed standards and provide proof of the dog’s purebred status. This registration comes with numerous benefits, including eligibility to participate in AKC events, such as dog shows and performance competitions. Additionally, AKC registration opens doors to various health programs, resources, and support provided by the organization. It enables breeders to track and improve their breeding practices, while also allowing pet owners to gain access to accurate breed information and connect with reputable breeders.

In addition to the Basic Registration, the AKC Silver Package offers a few extra perks for dog owners. For a small additional fee of $16, you’ll receive an official AKC Registration certificate and a three-generation AKC Certified Pedigree for your furry friend. This comprehensive pedigree traces back three generations of your dog’s lineage, providing valuable insights into their ancestry.

What Is Included in AKC Silver Package?

The AKC Silver Package is designed to provide dog owners with additional documentation and insights into their pets lineage. This package includes an official AKC Registration certificate, which serves as proof of the dogs purebred status and provides essential information about the animal. Alongside this certificate, the Silver Package also includes a three-generation AKC Certified Pedigree. This pedigree traces back three generations of your dogs ancestry, offering a comprehensive look into it’s lineage.

This document includes essential information such as the dogs registered name, date of birth, breed, color, and markings. It serves as an official record of your animals ownership and adds value when selling or breeding the dog.

This comprehensive document traces back three generations, revealing the names, registration numbers, and titles of the dogs parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents. It provides a fascinating and detailed look into your pets ancestry, giving you a deeper understanding of it’s genetic background and potential characteristics.

The AKC Silver Package is available for an additional fee of $This fee covers the cost of printing and processing the additional documentation, ensuring that you receive the full benefits and insights provided by this package. These additional documents can enhance your understanding of your dogs heritage, making them a valuable addition for any proud dog owner.

How the AKC Silver Package Can Help With Breeding Decisions

The AKC Silver Package is a valuable resource for breeders who want to make well-informed decisions. It provides comprehensive information about a dog’s pedigree, bloodline, health clearances, and registration status. By considering these factors, breeders can select suitable mates to improve the overall health and quality of their breed. The AKC Silver Package is an important tool that uses data and analysis to support responsible breeding practices.


Additionally, the subscription to the AKC Family Dog magazine offers a wealth of information and inspiration for a fulfilling dog ownership experience. For a nominal fee, the Gold Package presents an opportunity to enhance one's connection with their beloved pet through knowledge, validation, and access to a supportive community.

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