Who Owns Vibrant Life Chicken Feed?

Vibrant Life Chicken Feed is a popular and widely trusted brand in the poultry industry. However, determining the ownership and origins of this brand may not be as straightforward as one might expect. As with many products in the market, the actual company or individual that owns Vibrant Life Chicken Feed isn’t explicitly stated on it’s packaging or promotional material. Instead, the focus is primarily on the product's benefits and the satisfaction of it’s customers. This shroud of mystery surrounding the ownership of Vibrant Life Chicken Feed may pique curiosity, but it doesn’t diminish the brand's credibility or the effectiveness of it’s products. Whether the brand is privately owned, part of a larger corporation, or operated by a collective of expert poultry nutritionists remains undisclosed, leaving consumers to appreciate the exceptional quality of Vibrant Life Chicken Feed without delving into the intricacies of it’s ownership structure.

What Chicken Feed Is Best?

2 2 Best Budget Feed Natures Best Organic Chick Starter Grower Crumbles 3.8 When it comes to choosing a chicken feed, there are several factors to consider. The nutritional needs of your chickens, their age and stage of development, and your own preferences all play a role in finding the best feed. We’ve done the research for you and narrowed down the choices to the top 5 chicken feeds on the market.

Our top pick is Scratch and Peck Organic Layer Feed. This feed is made with organic grains and no fillers or artificial additives. It’s specifically formulated for layers, providing the right balance of nutrients to support egg production and overall health. The feed is also non-GMO and contains no soy or corn, making it a great choice for chickens with dietary restrictions.

Runner-up is Prairies Choice Non-GMO Chicken Feed. This feed is also non-GMO and made with high-quality ingredients. It’s formulated to support the health and well-being of chickens at all stages of development. It contains a blend of grains and seeds, providing a variety of nutrients and flavors to keep your chickens happy and healthy.

For those willing to invest in a premium chicken feed, our top pick is Homestead Harvest Non-GMO Layer Blend. It’s specifically formulated for layers and contains added probiotics to support gut health and digestion.

If you prefer to feed your chickens pellets, our top pick is Manna Pro Pellets. These pellets are made with high-quality ingredients and provide a balanced and complete diet for your chickens. They’re easy to feed and reduce waste, making them a convenient choice for many chicken owners.

It’s important to choose a feed that provides the right balance of nutrients and is made with high-quality ingredients. With the right feed, your chickens will be healthy, happy, and productive.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Chicken Feed (Such as Breed, Age, and Purpose Layers, Broilers, Etc.)

  • Chicken Breed
  • Age of the Chickens
  • Purpose of Rearing (Layers, Broilers, etc.)
  • Dietary Requirements
  • Nutritional Content
  • Allergy Concerns
  • Cost
  • Availability
  • Organic or Conventional
  • Feeding Methods
  • Feeding Schedule
  • Feed Storage


While certain retail stores, such as Walmart, may carry this brand, it’s challenging to ascertain who the actual manufacturer or owner of the feed is. As such, it’s crucial for individuals interested in purchasing this product to conduct thorough research and consult with experts in the field to ensure they’re making informed decisions for the well-being of their chickens.

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