Why Did My Rover Account Disappear? Exploring the Mysterious Disappearance.

We understand that it can be concerning and frustrating when your Rover account suddenly disappears. At Rover, ensuring the safety and security of our users is our utmost priority. To maintain a safe marketplace for everyone, we’ve stringent policies in place. If we discover that a user is involved in unsafe activities, fraudulent behavior, or any other practices that violate our Terms of Service, we may choose to deactivate their account. While this can be a disappointing experience, we take these measures to safeguard the welfare of both our pet owners and sitters, and to maintain the integrity of our platform.

How Can I Get My Rover Account Back?

If you find yourself in a situation where you deactivated your Rover account and now wish to get it back, don’t worry! Reactivating your Rover account is a simple process. To begin with, all you need to do is log back in using the same credentials you used when you deactivated your account. This means using the same username and password you’d before.

It’s like stepping back into the Rover community, where you can once again connect with pet owners and offer your services as a trusted and reliable pet sitter. This is the perfect opportunity to showcase your love for animals and demonstrate your expertise in caring for furry companions.

Reactivate your Rover account and dive back into a world of wagging tails, playful paws, and happy pet owners who depend on your care. With your account reactivated, you can browse through available pet sitting opportunities in your area, update your availability, and communicate with clients to make all the necessary arrangements.

Theres no need to jump through hoops or go through a lengthy reactivation process. Once youre logged back in, youll be able to pick up where you left off and continue sharing your love for animals. Welcome back, and happy pet-sitting!

How to Handle Cancellations and Rescheduling on Rover

  • Communicate with the client as soon as possible
  • Apologize for any inconvenience caused
  • Offer alternative dates or times for rescheduling
  • Confirm the new appointment details
  • Update your availability calendar
  • Adjust any necessary booking or payment details
  • Follow up with the client to ensure they received the updated information
  • Be understanding and flexible in accommodating their needs
  • Offer discounts or incentives for inconvenience caused, if appropriate
  • Maintain open and clear communication throughout the process

When you log into your Rover account on a computer or mobile browser, you’ll be able to see a banner indicating that your profile is live and active. This is a clear indication that owners can now contact you for their pet care needs. It’s important to note that this banner will disappear after a few weeks of your profile being live.

How Do I Know if My Rover Account Is Active?

If you want to find out if your Rover account is active, there’s a simple way to check. If you’ve recently been approved as a Rover sitter or walker, you’ll see a banner displayed at the top of your profile. This banner serves as a confirmation that your profile is live and visible to pet owners seeking your services.

It’s important to note that this banner will disappear after a couple of weeks, as it acts as a temporary indicator for new sitters and walkers. After your profile has been active for some time, this banner will no longer be visible.

Having an active Rover account means that you’re ready to start connecting with potential clients. Pet owners will be able to see your profile, learn about your experience, and reach out to you directly through the Rover platform. This is an exciting step in your journey as a Rover sitter or walker, as it means you’re officially part of the community and can start building your client base.

To ensure that your Rover account remains active, it’s important to regularly update your profile with accurate and compelling information. Adding clear and professional photos, writing a detailed bio, and showcasing your love and experience with animals can enhance your chances of being contacted by pet owners. Additionally, it’s crucial to respond promptly to messages and booking requests to maintain a positive standing within the Rover community and increase your chances of securing bookings.

This means that pet owners can easily find and contact you for their pet care needs. Remember to keep your profile updated and respond to messages promptly to maximize your success as a Rover sitter or walker.

How to Build Your Client Base on Rover

  • Offer a discounted rate for first-time clients
  • Ask current clients for referrals
  • Create a profile on Rover with detailed information about your services
  • Use professional photos of yourself and the pets you’ve cared for
  • Share your Rover profile on social media platforms
  • Participate in Rover community events and discussions
  • Volunteer at local animal shelters or pet-related events to network with potential clients
  • Offer additional services such as dog grooming or pet training
  • Provide excellent customer service and follow-up with clients to ensure satisfaction
  • Consider offering specialized services for specific pet breeds or needs

Source: Is my sitter profile approved? – Rover Help Center


In conclusion, the disappearance of a Rover account could be attributed to potential violations of Rover's Terms of Service, indicating engagement in unsafe, fraudulent, or other inappropriate practices that compromise the safety of the marketplace. Rover's top priority lies in fostering a secure environment for both pet owners and caregivers, necessitating the deactivation of accounts that breach these terms. By upholding these standards, Rover ensures the trust and well-being of it’s community, maintaining a reliable platform for all pet care needs.

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