Why Put Straw Through Kong: A Clever Dog Toy Hack

The practice of putting a straw through the KONG may seem unusual at first, but it serves an important purpose for both the safety and enjoyment of our canine companions. The KONG, a classic toy beloved by dogs and their owners alike, is designed with a unique snowman-like structure composed of three interconnected balls. It’s made of durable rubber and comes in various sizes and variations suitable for dogs of all ages and sizes. One of the key features of the KONG is it’s hollow center, which can be stuffed with treats or frozen to provide hours of entertainment and mental stimulation for our furry friends. However, what many people may not be aware of is the small hole at the bottom of the KONG, which serves a crucial role in preventing a potentially dangerous suction from occurring. This suction has the potential to inadvertently suck in a dog's tongue, leading to distress and potential injury.

Why Do Kongs Have 2 Holes?

To prevent such incidents, Kongs and other similar toys have been designed with two holes. The presence of two holes allows the air to flow freely through the toy, eliminating the possibility of suction. This ensures the safety of your pet while they engage with these toys.

Along with preventing suction, the dual holes serve as an interactive component. When you stuff the toy with treats or food, your pet will have to work to retrieve them, using their paws and snout to manipulate the toy. This promotes mental stimulation and helps satisfy their natural instincts of foraging and problem-solving.

Moreover, the presence of multiple holes allows for easier cleaning. With two access points, you can thoroughly rinse and clean the toy, ensuring that no food or residue is left behind. This helps maintain good hygiene, preventing the buildup of bacteria or mold, which could be harmful to your pets health.

The dual holes also offer versatility in terms of difficulty levels and ease of cleaning, making them a popular choice among pet owners seeking both entertainment and safety for their furry companions.

Different Sizes and Shapes of Kong Toys and Their Benefits for Different Dog Breeds

  • Small Kong toys:
    • Perfect for toy breeds and puppies
    • Great for dogs with smaller mouths
    • Helps prevent choking hazards
    • Provides mental and physical stimulation
  • Medium Kong toys:
    • Suitable for most dog breeds
    • Offers a good balance of durability and bounce
    • Assists in teeth and gum health
    • Excellent for fetching and interactive play
  • Large Kong toys:
    • Ideal for larger dog breeds and strong chewers
    • Built to withstand powerful jaws
    • Keeps dogs mentally engaged and entertained
    • Recommended for aggressive chewers
  • Extreme Kong toys:
    • Designed for the toughest chewers
    • Extra-strong and durable
    • Perfect for power chewers and heavy-duty play
    • Helps redirect destructive chewing behaviors
  • Puppy Kong toys:
    • Specifically made for teething puppies
    • Gentle on growing teeth and gums
    • Assists in crate training and separation anxiety
    • Can be stuffed with treats for added excitement

Now let’s explore some creative and engaging ways to make your Kong toy even more challenging for your furry friend.

How Do I Make My Kong More Difficult?

One way to make your Kong toy more difficult and provide a longer-lasting challenge for your dog is by stuffing it with a mixture of wet and dry foods. This combination of textures adds more excitement to each bite as your dog works to extract the delicious treats.

Begin by filling the Kong with a layer of wet food, followed by a layer of dry food. You can continue layering in this manner until the Kong is almost full.

They’ll enjoy the challenge of trying to manipulate the toy to access the hidden treasures inside.


By stuffing treats or freezing it, the toy can provide longer distraction and mental stimulation for dogs. So, when engaging in this practice, it's crucial to ensure the safety and well-being of our furry friends.

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